Alessia Murphy—Digital Artist and Growth Marketing Entrepreneur

What is your artistic process: when do you work on it; what program(s) do you use; how long does a piece take; and what happens to the pieces when they’re finished?

In the normal case I have an idea, sit down at my illustrator, and start drawing. With more complex pictures it can happen that I brood over the idea for a few days, and then look at other artists and their implementation. That brings additional inspiration.

Now it depends on whether the drawing is an order for tattoo, a wall, an exhibition, etc. Basically, all my pictures are for sale at any time, except the custom-made paintings.

Do you sell your art, or is it a creative outlet just for you?

Yes, I sell my art over Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and I will also launch soon a website.

Who are your biggest cheerleaders in your art, your work, and your life?

I don’t know many of my fans—I already have built up a pretty big fan community; of course, my partner in crime.

How does your art influence your life and vice versa?

All I do is somehow creative—the only difference is emotional creativity or (at work) a logical creativity, but everything I do has to do with creativity. I always have some art projects where I work with different artists, or I also did some work for a nonprofit organization, etc.

What do you love most about your creativity?

Being myself, expressing myself.

I couldn’t live without being creative. It’s what I am. If I sing, draw, or play an instrument, I feel art floating through my body. If I dress in the morning or work as a Growth Hacker, it doesn’t matter what I do; I believe art is everywhere around us.

Artist Extra:

Tell me about your work as a Growth Hacker.

Growth Hacking is data driven creative marketing. It’s the thing I love most after doing art.

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