The Lost Night by Andrea Bartz

After an old friend jumpstarts Lindsay’s imagination, she investigates what really happened the night her best friend Edie died. Her drunken blackouts had prevented her from questioning the official ruling of suicide, though inconsistencies niggled at her. As Edie’s friend, Lindsay had been a fifth wheel to her roommates, but partied hard along with them in their ramshackle rooming house filled with other 20-somethings, some of them musicians whose bands played there, where drugs flowed freely. Personalities clashed, emotions swelled, and friendships ebbed and flowed, until Edie was found dead by a roommate. Ten years later, Lindsay faces her fears to find out the truth. Bartz presents an unreliable narrator and unsympathetic character so well Dear Reader roots for her when she ends up in an impossible situation. Fans of The Wife Between Us, Something in the Water, and Bring Me Back will appreciate this suspense thriller. I was fortunate to receive a digital copy from the publisher through NetGalley.