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Family Ship by Sonja Yoerg

Maeve and Arthur have the large family they always wanted. With foresight, Arthur began a team-building exercise before it was trendy, naming the old boat on their property USS Nepenthe and proclaiming eldest daughter Verity captain. This works well to keep them entertained and safe at home until eldest son leaves the family home in anger. Once things start unraveling, secrets come out, as well as true feelings, and the entire family must rally from tragedy. Yoerg writes beautifully about family dynamics, especially siblings’ love-hate relationships. Fans of Diane Chamberlain, Kelly Simmons, and / or Barbara Sissel will appreciate Yoerg’s style of storytelling. I received a digital copy of this wonderful story from the publisher Lake Union Publishing through NetGalley.

The Silvered Serpents (The Guilded Wolves # 2) by Roshani Chokshi

NetGalley doesn’t state if a book is part of a series, and perhaps this book would have made more sense after reading the first one,. Having said that, this author does a spectacular job of bringing supernatural beings to life in an ice castle in Russia no less. The heroes are just a bit beyond human, which makes them infinitely more interesting, but all are deeply flawed with very human emotions. I recommend this series based on the author’s storytelling and descriptive talent, but maybe start from the beginning! I received a digital copy from the publisher Wednesday Books through NetGalley.

Interview of me by Brian Paone, Editor of Flash of Words 2, which includes my story Let Me Win

Today here at Fiction Writing, we are featuring author Lael Braday, whose story, “Let Me Win,” is included in this group’s anthology, “A Flash of Words 2.”

Is it based on a true story? Let Me Win harkens back to my childhood, when my big sister would demand that I play Monopoly with her. She wanted to win, but she didn’t want me to let her win. So we’d play for hours. I learned to be subtle in my losing tactics and pretend heartily to care that I lost. It was exhausting.

Do you write in the same genre as your reading preference, or do they differ? The bulk of my stories are speculative, a blend of horror, fantasy, and soft sci-fi, but I tend to prefer reading historical fiction and magical realism.

What are your biggest inspirations to write (other than music)? Most of my short stories originate in dreams or real life.

What/who is one of your favorite books/authors? An Indie author I will always read without needing a summary is Brian Barr, although he writes in genres and on subjects I don’t normally read, because his storytelling talent is phenomenal.

What kind of taco is your favorite? Trying to pick a favorite taco is like trying to pick a favorite breath. Honestly, it’s the current one, each current one, that’s keeping me alive, man. I love breathing.

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