Cute Cat Corner

We believed that our little old lady cat needed a companion, so we chose Angel. (Really, Max held Angel at the store and couldn’t put him back in the cage.) We were wrong, wrong, wrong. Angel kept sneaking up on her, and not only did she not learn to look behind her as he walked around the kitchen island again, Angel didn’t know when to quit. We kept him in the bathroom for a month before returning him, crying our little hearts out. Little old lady kitty died a week later from gallbladder complications, and we went an entire week without a pet; it was horrible. Angel was brought back the day we went to the pet store to remedy the situation. His foster mother was done with him harassing her cat. We brought him home again. He was mad at us for a long time.

While we were getting Angel again, I saw the cutest tuxie in a carrier waiting to be placed in a cage. I grabbed a Petco cardboard carrier and transferred him. My mother suggested we name him Charlie. He is the most obnoxious, loving, funny, infuriating cat.

The girls’ stories coming soon…

Cool Charlie
Basket case Angel
Cats sleep weird.
Charlie surveying his kingdom
Angel is not into classics, or is he?
Charlie is not amused.
Susi & Charlie
Guest Room: Cute cats — check!
Susi waiting for the boys to wake up and play with her
At the Kitteh Spa