Monsters Never Get the Funny Guys

Sensitive middle child, “Victorian” Vonni tends to Mama’s headaches as Daddy moves them around the country chasing “uncles,” drawing one back home to Kansas. Little brother Stanley, “Stan, the Man,” survives Daddy and the “uncles” with Vonni’s protection, builds friendships with fellow loners in various schools, and falls for a girl left bereft by her father’s death. Big sister “Livid” Livy distances herself from family, despite Vonni’s efforts to connect with her, as she pursues nature photography and redheaded Annie. After a family-shattering injury by a sibling, Vonni is left alone in the peace she once craved.

Serena Jane

My work-in-progress is about a teenage girl left by her mother to be raised by a mean aunt. Her future fizzles after an unnerving incident in high school.