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Wunderland by Jennifer Cody Epstein

Ava receives a bundle of unsent letters along with her estranged mother’s ashes, letters sent to a tragic figure from Ilsa’s past. Ava finds the mystery person—Renate Bauer, and learns about her mother’s childhood growing up as a Hitler Youth, an organization that divided Ilsa from her best friend Renate. Epstein skillfully weaves the lives of two young girls into the horror that was WWII Germany, exposing secrets, betrayals, and primal fears, within all their complexities whilst rendering a friendship torn to pieces by circumstances. Though an oft written subject, Epstein’s take is unique in its in-depth view of how the Nazis reached out to indoctrinate children, evoking misplaced loyalty and mortal fear in even its youngest citizens. I was fortunate to receive a digital copy of this brilliantly written story from the publisher through NetGalley.

The Book of Dreams by Nina George

Sam invites his absentee father to a special school event. On his way to the event, eager to meet his son, Henri Skinner, a war correspondent, jumps off a bridge to rescue a child fallen from a boat. Back on the bridge, he is hit by a car and falls into a coma. Sam visits him every day and meets two special people, his father’s true love and a young woman in a coma who captures his own heart. George writes a convincing tale of the tug of war between life and death in another dimension, and also of the complexities of relationships betwixt larger than life personalities. I was fortunate to receive copy of this wonderful story from the publisher through NetGalley.