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I live in the gorgeous Carolinas with an Austrian-American and too many cats for an apartment. We have 5! tuxie rescue kittehs: Angel, Charlie, Susi, Jenny, and Luna. In Cute Cat Corner, learn how each one became part of our family.

In 2018, for my 50th, we visited Ireland (“the land of our people”–Mom). The Dun Laoghaire (pronounced Dun Leary, not Dun Leghair) library hosts a symphony hall, a cafe, an art gallery, a history museum, and a garden. Of course, I want to live there.

As a writer, I’ve geared my space here toward readers. I love reading, and it would be fantabulous if you loved reading my work. Check out my Short Story page for published pieces and my Acquired Taste blog for book reviews, artist interviews, and the occasional Flash Fiction Friday originals, with Writing Life blogs coming soon!

Dig into my book reviews. I read literary—preferably with speculative elements or magical realism, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, thrillers, mysteries, and historical fiction in general, occasionally branching out to romance and non-fiction.  If you’re an author who likes my style, see if I’d like to review your book—digital version is preferable. I post a new review (if not two) Mondays. Currently, I am posting reviews on Fridays as well to catch my NetGalley up to date.

In my artist series Storyteller Showcase, on Wednesdays, you can read about an author, photographer, or other artist’s creative process, and connect with that artist through social media.

Follow me on Facebook (click below!) and Twitter (also below!). You can reach me directly at laelbraday@gmail.com. I even have an author page at Goodreads! I’m positive I’m the only Lael Braday in the universe.

Have a lovely day!

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