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As a writer, I’ve geared my space here toward readers. I love reading, and I want for you to love reading my work. Check out my Short Story page for published pieces.

Dig into my book reviews. I read literary, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, thrillers, mysteries, and historical fiction in general, occasionally branching out to romance and non-fiction.

Learn about authors and other artists in my interviews. So far, I’ve managed to convince multi-talented Brian Barr, Writer’s Digest online editor Brian Klems, “Tranquility” author Laurie Gardiner, “El Hermano” author Carmen Baca, and international award-winning short-story author Steven Carr to brighten my blog. My favorite ghost writer, Laura Spinella, is my latest interview, and touts her luscious paranormal romance series and womens fiction.

In May, Brian Paone will be my first blog tour author. I’m ecstatic to begin this new venture. Keep an eye out on my blogblogblog for new to you and up and coming authors and artists!

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