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As a writer, I’ve geared my space here toward readers. I love reading, and it would be fantabulous if you loved reading my work. Check out my Short Story page for published pieces.

Dig into my book reviews. I read literary—preferably with speculative elements or magical realism, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, thrillers, mysteries, and historical fiction in general, occasionally branching out to romance and non-fiction. If you’re an author who likes my style, see if I’d like to review your book—digital version is cool and print ARCs are awesome. I post a new review (if not two) Mondays.

Keep an eye out on my blogblogblog for new to you—check out the NYT bestselling authors!—and up and coming authors and artists! If I have reviewed your book, I would love to interview you—contact me! I am always on the lookout for a new “victim” for Wednesday postings.

I’ll do my best to have a new piece for Flash Fiction Friday! Keep coming back. Oh, if you wish to share your original flash fiction, let me know. I love showcasing other’s work.

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