Random Acts of Kindness: Inspiring True Stories by Dete Meserve and Rachel Greco

A movie producer / author and a journalist collaborated to find uplifting stories of real life kindnesses, the author inspired by the journalist’s Good Sam story about a stranger buying a van for a single mom. The tales of compassion and giving are divided into thematic chapters: Kindness at Any Age, Finding Purpose Through Kindness, Connecting to Others Through Kindness, Unique Ways of Showing Kindness, and Kindness Movements. The Good Sams come in all ages, from children to seniors, answer requests or volunteer where needs are seen, and give from their hearts with no expectations, building unexpected relationships, businesses, and movements. From a 9-year-old inventor to a 100-year-old seamstress, from an interior designer to a farmer, from a veteran to a veterinarian, from bikers to a college student, individuals give back to their community. It’s a definite must-read book of heartwarming humanity. Those seeking the goodness in people will find it here. I was fortunate to receive this wonderful book of true-life stories of compassion in a giveaway.