Sibley Birds of Land, Sea, and Sky: 50 Postcards by David Allen Sibley

The set is divided into five sections: Waterfowl, Woodpeckers, Wading Birds, Songbirds, and Owls & Raptors. The sketches are meticulously detailed and brightly colored, enhancing possibility of identification. Each postcard is elegantly simple with softly rounded corners. They come in an understated, light gray box with four examples on the front, a slip-off top, and a linen-like appearance and texture.

For a bird lover, this postcard set may well stay a set instead of for its implied use. The packaging makes it a mobile resource, easily put in purse or even jacket pocket when going birdwatching. It’s small enough to fit in a glovebox. Though not a comprehensive guide (which Sibley has already given us for reference), it’s a lovely piece to display in the box or individually framed. It would make a lovely gift for animal lovers, those who appreciate beauty, and people who love unpretentious art.

I received this set through Blogging for Books for an honest review, and am grateful for the gift.