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Ingredients The Strange Chemistry of Plants, Poisons and Processed Foods

Zaidan explores beyond the common wisdom of what’s healthy to put in and on your body, such as homemade cheese puffs and whether sunblock is bad for your skin (yes to everyday use, but good for you in long-term sun exposure). He spews humor like a middle-grade boy farting in his armpit, often funny, sometimes silly, sometimes gross. He also explains why studies contradicts studies and the rollercoastering of foods being bad for you one day, good the next, and reverse again. It’s definitely worth the read to shine the light on an unexpected perspective. Personally, my takeaway is to not worry about these things as much as I do, because honestly, much of it’s marketing apparently. I received a digital copy through NetGalley. (Is this the same book as “Ingredients: The Strange Chemistry of What We Put in Us and on Us” published by Dutton Books? Is this one self-published?)