The Rooftop Party by Ellen Meister

I don’t generally relate to the main character, so I don’t care if they’re unlikable, and Dana is not endearing. She’s a mess, but not a charismatic mess, just a mess. When she appeared to be a murderer, I didn’t hold my breath, because she was too obvious (and I found out this is a series, which NetGalley doesn’t mention). The real murderer was unlikely and brought in at the moment of reveal, when the murderer lingered while they discussed the whys and hows. Up until that point, the book was moving along swiftly, albeit with a mess of a main character (how does she have friends?), and even the last minute climax doesn’t make it a dealbreaker. It’s a fun read if you don’t need clues / hints in a whodunit. I received a digital copy from the publisher Mira through NetGalley.